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The Green

Aberdeen’s historic Green and surroundings are amongst the oldest known parts of the city. The Green is one of four administrative medieval quarters recorded by 1399 and an important point of entry to the city. Recently the site has had a major conservation work programme conducted through the Green Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI). The Green remains an important architectural and historic area reminding us of Aberdeen’s medieval urban origins through to its nineteenth century expansion. Despite this the site has been identified as being under utilised. The Green sits in between the city centre’s latest commercial districts and transport link (Union Square/ railway and bus station) and the cities traditional commercial centre (Bon Accord and Union Street) and has the potential for a positive pedestrian route between the sites.

The space has a lot of strengths:

  • The area is situated in the heart of the city centre directly parallel to the busiest street in the city.
  • The city has a strong history and heritage. This is reflected in its distinct architecture and its role as a market hub for the city since its creation.
  • The area has recently been renovated with significant aesthetic and structural improvements made.
  • It is on a different level, offering an alternative and perspective from the other areas in the city centre.
  • The area has a strong independent commercial sector with the range of shops, restaurants and hotels not available elsewhere to the city.
  • The area is not saturated with traffic and is clear to walk through the majority of spaces.

Despite many strenghts the space also has weaknesses:

  • Several areas of the Green are poorly lit and are not encouraging for public use.
  • The access points to the Green are not clearly marked and uninviting.
  • The site has areas which are not public facing including the rear of shopping centres and other buildings.
  • The area is inconsistent in terms of presentation. Some areas are clear and presentable however other areas are non-appealing.
  • The main access point from the railway station is not clear and is uninviting due to traffic.

→ Communities

Lively Cities has engaged and engaged with stakeholders who all work within the site area:

  • Local business Co-operative ‘Merchant Quarters’
  • The Green Townscape Heritage Initiative
  • The Arts Education Teams 'Leafing the Green' project

→ Other communities

For residents, the wider community and visitors we have conducted survey’s, information leafleting, an online questionnaire and social media network to create a picture of the general perceptions of the site.

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