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St Joseph

In the middle of Doornakkers, there is an enclosed urban place, called St. Joseph area. It’s not a public square, but a former Catholic domain with two former schools, a childrens’day care, a former community centre, a monumental monastery and in between lots of semi-public or closed spaces. The area is owned by the City of Eindhoven and the social housing association Woonbedrijf.

Enclosed as it is, the space has a lot of strengths:

  1. Beautiful green and gardens
  2. Calm
  3. Characteristic (social cultural heritage) buildings on site
  4. Close to public transport
  5. Possibility to make unique spaces and places
  6. Located next to it’s (future) users

Located in an living area, the space and buildings will provide a new and needed service area for inhabitants and small local businesses. Recreational and cultural services, together with and linked to local entrepreneurs will give this location back to the neighbourhood. However, at this moment the place is fragmented into small and closed  areas, some are neglected and often unknown from the inhabitants. We want to open it up and make it lively again together with the input from the people living and working there. At the moment we have a pilot for a neighbourhood office named “buurtkantoor”. In this neighbourhood office owners of small business can meet and work here or meet their clients. It will be a professional environment for entrepeneurs. The entrepeneurs are being asked to make a (social) difference in the neighbourhood as well.


The Lively Cities' team starts to work on the space, with the representatives of:

  • Stichting Woonbedrijf (owner)
  • Stichting Ruimte (owner)
  • 55 plus stadshobby/education centre (user)
  • Korein Kinderplein (user)
  • Stichting Ruimte (user)


  • Owners, inhabitants, small businesses/entrepeneurs
  • Stichting Doornakkers



June-August 2011: introduction of students Merel Boogaard (Van Hall Larenstein) and Jochem Romkema (Technical University Eindhoven) into LICI project. Starting working on the 13 steps of placemaking.

Investigate the area’s, surveys on the spot, investigations/photographing the possibilities of the area, interviews with inhabitants, SWOT analysis and stake and shareholders analysis.

Organizing big event Rondje Doornakkers together with local entrepeneurs, inhabitants, communities, stakeholders, small businesses.

September 2011: Start-up pilot project Stichting Ruimte

September-October 2011: Clean up the site and trimming the green. 

October 2011: Neighbourhood event “rondje Doornakkers” on 15th October 2011: walkingroute trough the area. Opening all the important buildings, getting the neighbourhood acquinted with the LICI project.

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