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Eindhoven, area Saint Franciscus school & Jan van Riebeecklaan

Sint Franciscus, former primary school building and play area is situated next to a small shopping street and a elderly home (Vitalis Berckelhof). A large playground for children and two school buildings mark this location. The public space is underused, but not neglected. For future usage it has some good strengths:

  1. Characteristic architecture
  2. Open and visible
  3. Close to community centre " De Toeloop" and local main district shopping area
  4. Next to public transport
  5. Next to services for elderly people
  6. Connected to the districts’ green structure

A small square in front of the school is linked with a green corridor in the area, but located next to the main road in this living district.

The former main shopping street Jan van Riebeecklaan contain 2  shopping blocks (8 en 3 business premises). The shopping area is since the late 90’s neglected and at this moment only 4 premises are in use (fast food en civil services). The shops need transformation and activation too and will be part of the project. Future possibilities on short term are renovations of the buildings and business premises, reduce square meter prices to attract new entrepreneurs in civil services. Long term investments is depending on prognoses of economical growth, other economical investments in the surrounding area and the needs of the district.

The public area is sober but has an open character and lots of green space. The Jan van Riebeecklaan and Gerard Davidstraat have to deal with more traffic than most of the area, but also includes public transport by bus. The main square is inconvenient and dangerous for pedestrians which want to cross the street. Parking space is plenty enough for the area. In the first meetings with our communities the social housing association Woonbedrijf found a profound wish for housing for Turkish elderly and a public garden.


The Lively Cities' team starts to work on the space, with the representatives of:

  • Stichting Woonbedrijf
  • Gemeente Eindhoven
  • Vitalis Berckelhof
  • Zuidzorg
  • Local shop owners
  • Entrepreneurs

Other communities

  • Turkish community
  • Owners, inhabitants
  • Children  & Youth

The area of St Franciscus school and the Jan van Riebeecklaan is one of the main areas for new developments in Doornakkers. The area is a component of the main program of De Omloop. The combination of several developments in 1 area contributes in a positive way to the regulations of LICI.

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