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Have a look to the Russian students work in Doornakkers!

Ever since the beginning of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, we have welcomed 3 Russian students into the Doornakkers neighborhood. Thanks to our alliancepartner Woonbedrijf and Stichting Ruimte we were able to actually house the social design/architecture&planning students in Doornakkers. But in its place, we have asked the students to give something in return to Doorakkers. Therefore, the students were inaugurated into the concept of placemaking and the LICI ideas.
We have asked the students to make up a projectplan together with the organization of the winterfestival, involving young and old people. This has resulted in a projectplan (see bookwork) to implement a number of projects in the public space of the St. Francisschool. Purpose: permanent revival of the square before the start of the winterfestival 13th December (one of our seasonal events). Implementation of these projects will take place under the leading act of one of our Russian inhabitants: Elena Lovich together with several other organizations involved in Doornakkers.

Doornakkers Brochure

At the beginning

The Relationship between the City of Eindhoven and Russia was created by a presentation during Dutch Design Moscow Design Act in 2010. In Yekaterinburg, the City of Eindhoven presented a project in 2011 during the 1st Ural Biennale called YEK2.0 on proposed transformation initiatives in collaboration with the Ural State University and the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven.
They were very much interested in how we - in Eindhoven ever since the mid 90's - this innovation have deployed by "the city as a laboratory to have counted for knowledge development and research.
In addition, we use the term collaboration with the Ural State University and Design Academy and since 2009 also the virtual Brabant Academy.
Meanwhile we have rigged the communication via a Facebook page NeRu-Citylab and there is an intensive relationship with the Dutch Embassy in Moscow and the Consulate in St Petersburg on the preparations and the program for the jubilee year 2013 for 400 years Netherlands-Russia. The 1st Biennial Brabant has allowed the first results of this collaboration in Eindhoven present during the latest Dutch Design Week (October 2012).

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