Join us for the APACHES Conference 23 and 24 June

Pauline Vanderbeck

Eight projects make up the Cluster including VALUE, MANDIE, PORTICO, COLLABOR8, MANAGE+, CURE, LICI and VALUE+  will come together for this important and stimulating event.

The aim of the APACHES Project is to demonstrate how transnational co-operation has improved the economic viability of NWE cities, regions and communities by managing and developing public areas to enhance their attractiveness to skilled people, visitors and investors, and to help set priorities for future Interreg funding programmes relating to urban development and regeneration.

The cluster addresses the programme’s ambition to promote stronger communication and dissemination of its project results across NWE and the wider EU. Achieving this aim involves enabling stakeholders to access the knowledge from Priority 4 projects (Strong and Prosperous Communities) and addressing the main themes of the EU 2020 Strategy.

The cluster will join up lessons and innovation from different projects on urban development, improving the ‘big picture’ links. It will focus on communications – highlighting success stories from Interreg projects, raising their profile and disseminating results widely across the EU. It will involve a wide range of stakeholders to identify future priorities for Interreg and other EU funding programmes by focusing on the shared strategic issues and ‘grand challenges’ associated with managing and developing public areas to improve their attractiveness.

Contact for more information:

Sarah Poulter, SYFP


T: +44 (0)114 2571 199

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