Doornakkers kick off outdoor season

Yolanda Van Els - City of Eindhoven

More than 500 people for the Feel Good Market's launching

Our outdoor season on our Tongelaarsquare has officially started as per 30th June 2013. On this day our local entrepeneur and inhabitant Talitha Koffeman organized a bazaar with the name Feel Good Market. The market was build out of 30 stores where local inhabitants and entrepeneurs could sell their items & the terrace was opened. About 500-600 people visited this first edition of our Feel Good Market. The whole idea is to copy the Feel Good Market every 2 months on the same day (last Sunday of the month?).


What's next?

After the summer holiday coming up soon: creative sessions (7 July), Jam sessions (on friday once a month), outdoor cinema and some more Doornakkers Feelgood Markets to come. For the outdoor season uptil November 2013 our working group Lively Cities (inhabitants and local entrepeneurs) will organize themselves several events and activities for the time to come. This procedure works well within the 13 steps of Placemaking (developed by PPS), now working on step 8/9 with our working group on short term actions as mentioned above. After the summer holiday we are going to work out mid and long term actions for the urban space to change.


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