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Place Verte

Located on the right bank of the Schelde river, the Place Verte is a space which is:

  • quiet
  • broad (2/3  unoccupied red ashy surface and 1/3 parking)
  • bordered with trees
  • surrounded by rails
  • skirted by cobbled streets
  • located in a nice heritage environment (houses from the 18th and 19th C.)
  • close to several schools
  • close to the station

This place has no commercial or tourist activity. People mainly pass through this space, considering it, as a link between the station and the historic town centre located on the left bank of the Schelde. The place is used as a playground for children (balloon, bike,…). It is sometimes used by the nearby schools for their gym classes. When the weather is nice, inhabitants organize bowls tournaments. Otherwise very few cultural or other kinds of activities are organized on that space. There are only two benches. There is therefore no good reason to linger.

→ Communities

The Lively Cities will work with:

  • the inhabitants representatives
  • Tournai associations that might be able to organize activities on the Place Verte (Cultural Centre, Library, Academy of music, …)
  • the Tournai Town Centre Management in order to co-ordinate these activities
  • the school of Horticulture in order to create seasonal gardens
  • an Internet supplier in order to create a free Wi-Fi spot on the Place Verte 


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