Lively Cites spaces
Lively Cites spaces

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Place Maugrétout, La Louvière

Place Maugrétout is close to the commercial street and more visible (first square you meet when you come from the motorway to get in town center). There is a parking lot underneath. People go there to park their car and go to the shops, to go to the market or the fun fair, to watch a performance or to participate to activities (Franco Dragone’s urban show “Décrocher la lune”, annual flowers market, “La Louvière Plage”, Concerts...). This is the biggest square and important activities take place there.

We would like to concentrate our efforts in organizing activities on that square so that we can complete the existing planning of activities and reinforce the identity of the square. The square would change of atmosphere over de seasons: fake grass in spring, sand in summer, maze and Halloween atmosphere in autumn, Christmas atmosphere in winter.

→ Communities

  • City council
  • Culture Centre team
  • Tourist Office

→ Other commun

  • Users,
  • Residents
  • Shop owners
  • Skaters
  • Members of Altern’Active association
  • Associations

From October until early January 2012, the analysis has been focused on Maugrétout and Communale squares: surveys with administrative staff, residents and shop owners, observations, interviews with "privileged witnesses" (Cultural Centre team, Director of Museum Ianchelevici, Director of the Music Academic School, ASBL Altern'Active, city administration and residents).

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