Lively Cites spaces
Lively Cites spaces

Two pilot tests are planned on square Mansart at the end of June 2012:

Games – plays – activities for children

Meeting area with chairs and tables in front of the culture center.  People will be able to sit and talk, read, work, play… Free books, magazines and plays would be available. The area would also be the right place to organize workshops, reading groups…

Place Mansart, La Louvière

Place Mansart is the most frequented square of La Louvière’s town center. Located very close to the main shopping area, the square is surrounded by pubs and restaurants. There is also the regional culture center, the tourist office and the association’s hall.

Some activities take place there, such as a market on Saturday, carnival, and culture season opening. At night, it’s one of the most frequented areas, mainly during carnival and summer time. However, we have observed that the square shows two parts functioning completely differently. The largest side (near the culture center) is less used by people, and there is a big empty space between the terraces.

Surveys pointed out the fact there is no seats. A renewal project of the square includes new pavement, a non-permanent covering of the main part of the square and some seats around the trees and integrated to pillars.

→ Communities

  • City Council
  • Regional Culture Centre
  • Tourist Office

→ Autres communautés

  • Square users
  • Shop owners

In May 2011 and during La Louvière Beach, different observations were conducted (pedestrian flow, mapping during a regular week and an animation), and many users of the square interviewed (surveys during LL Beach and shop owners surveys in September).

We have met Culture Centre and Tourism office teams. We will work with them to set up the pilot tests.

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