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8 Europeans partners, 1 common aim

The Lively Cities’ Partners are from various horizons and have different expertises: public consultations, ecology, culture, music and public art, sustainable development and environment, culture heritage, facilities and green urban space management, urban renewal, information and communication technology, design, town centre management, place making, tourism, european projects… They will work together about common issues empty spaces and linkage between spaces.

1 Public Private Partnership

Town Centre Management Association, AMCV, Mons, Belgium see spaces

The AMCV initiated the concept of TCM in Belgium in1997; today it is leading a network of 55 TCM in Belgium. It also has a strong experience in the development of city centres around Europe and the implementation of public private partnership for the town centre management.


1 Town Centre Management

La Louvière Centre-Ville Centre de Vie, Gestion de Centre-Ville, Belgium, see spaces

La Louviere has a great experience in Town Centre Management thanks to a Public Private Partnership structure created in 1998. Urban stewards are on the field, close to town centre users such as communities, retailers, economic clusters and citizens.


1 University

Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences Wageningen, Netherlands

Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) is a university of applied sciences in urban green. VHL has specialists in fields like green planning, landscape architecture, green management & urban forestry. Students & staff are experienced in working with representatives of other disciplines like urban planners, artists & social workers.


5 city councils

Aberdeen City Council, United Kingdom, see the Green

3rd city of Scotland the City of Aberdeen is a cultural and economic hub. The council has extensive experience and knowledge in community consultation, the city innovate with a cultural strategy, Vibrant Aberdeen.

Brighton & Hove City Council, United Kingdom, see Providence Place Gardens

Brighton is one of United Kingdom’s top visitor destinations & its council has a strong experience in community consultation and arts the city annually hosts England’s largest annual arts festival for 3 weeks every May.

Eindhoven City Council, Netherlands, see spaces

Eindhoven is the 5th city of the Netherlands located South of the country. The last 20 years Eindhoven transformed from an industrial city to the leading city in Brainport Technology and the Creative Industry. Eindhoven has strong experience in innovating information & communication technologies and urban design

Ville de Lille, France, see spaces

From industrial capital to european capital of culture, the last 30 years the city of Lille  achieved a drastic conversion to become a metropolis at the core of the Euroregion. Lille, amongst other has a strong experience in enhancement of building heritage and conversion & reallocation of old buildings for new use especially cultural use.

Ville de Tournai, Belgium, see spaces

The City of Tournai, one of the oldest cities in Belgium, built over the years an important knowledge around the enhancement of historic heart in the cities and cultural heritage. The city is also part of Eurometropole Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai and has a strong experience in Town Centre Management.


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