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Louvain la Neuve, Place des Wallons

The « Place des Wallons” is located downtown in Louvain la Neuve, used to be the place to be and a real meeting point, now it became a simple crossing point from the University to the town centre:

  • close to the train station & the university
  • large space with potential for events
  • all pedestrian
  • main stakeholders are on the site

This space creates a break in the town centre of Louvain la Neuve. The stake here, is to give back to the space its first function and make it a new destination

→ Communities

The work on the space will be in association with the Town Centre Management and:

  • building owners
  • students associations
  • trade associations
  • the University of Louvain la Neuve

→ First observations

First observations' studies of the space were undertaken discover the timelapse realised. What’s interesting with this kind of tools is that we can analyse how the space live: did people stay on the space? If yes where? Did people just cross the space?

In association with :

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