Focus on the latest event "Rencontre Mains Vertes"

Catherine VANDENBROECKE - Ville de Tournai

How luck we have been! The snow that covered the Place for several days melted just before Sunday 17 March, day of the first “Rencontre Mains Vertes” (Green hand meeting) held on the space from 10 to 12 a.m. Inspired by the name of the place, this meeting wanted to invite the population to a free plants and seeds exchange.

Supported by the inhabitants (by the way, let us thank the “E.S.PA.C.E Sourds” association that created the poster), and organised with the help the City of Tournai, the Tournai Town Centre Management association and the “Green” department of the IPES high school, this exchange fair gathered +/- 150 people. A nice success for this first edition honoured by the presence of Rudy Demotte, the Walloon chairman minister, Mayor of Tournai, and other local politicians.

Unfortunately, the climatic conditions didn’t allow the local artist Caroline Léger to implement the vegetal sculpture she had imagined for the event. We’ll let you as soon as possible the new calendar of this artistic intervention on the Place Verte.

The next “Rencontre Mains Vertes” will take place on Sunday 20 October 2013, again from 10 to 12 a.m. Please come with the plants and seeds you want to exchange and you’ll go back your hands full of other species without spending any money!

Registration at the Tournai Town Centre Management

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  • Focus on the latest event "Rencontre Mains Vertes"
  • Focus on the latest event "Rencontre Mains Vertes"
  • Focus on the latest event "Rencontre Mains Vertes"
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