Reclaim public space in Brighton: participate to the contest

Paula Goncalves - Brighton & Hove City Council

Architects, designers, artists and events people are being invited to bid for a 50,000 euro commission to design a new space for the Ann Street/Providence Place area of Brighton.

The objective is to turn the street and small park in front of the majestic St Bartholomew's Church into a successful and well-used space. The area is part of the wider regeneration of the London Road area of the city.

From 12 January, the council is looking for a pilot design that will be tested out this autumn, with the most successful features becoming permanent fixtures. Local people will be actively involved in helping to choose the final design and features and experiencing the new space. What are the next steps?

  • March 2012: Five ideas will be shortlisted
  • End of April: the applicants will be asked to develop detailed proposals for a public exhibition
  • End of May: A selection panel will choose the winner at the end of May, but the public will have the chance to vote for their favourite which will inform the final decision.

If this approach proves to be successful, it could provide a new way of working with communities to engage local people in the process of transforming unsuccessful public space into a valuable community asset.

For more information visit and search for 'opportunities' at Brighton & Hove City Council, email or call (01273) 292352.

→ Still a few days to participate: deadline 29 February 2012, 5pm.

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