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Lively Cities on Groot Eindhoven [NL]
Publication 30 March 2012
Lively Cities on Groot Eindhoven [NL]

 - Lively Cities on Groot Eindhoven [NL]
Reclaiming public space
Two project in Walloon Region
The park of your dreams create it!
Interview of Jean-Luc Calonger
Some bushes to make sexy
Wavre Urban Garden
Reclaim public space for public use in Brighton
Turn desert into an oasis
Interview of Jan Van de Ven, Eindhoven City Council
International meeting in Eindhoven
Lively Cities on the Branding Places blog
Social sofa in wording [NL]
Urban Garden 2012 [FR]
Writing Workshop in Tournai [FR]
La Louvière plage (beach) [FR]
Placemaking in Liège [FR]
Placemaking in Liège #2 [FR]
Social sofa [NL]
European Urban Knowledge Network
Le Lively Cities Placemaking Tour in Tournai
La Louvière Beach
Liège: "Places 2 coeur" a success story
La Louvière involved in Lively Cities project
Aberdeen reclaim public space for public use
Ann Street and Providence Place Gardens become lively space
Lively Cities reclaim public space for public use
Finally the Jardin des Loups on the sun
A playground on the Green Square
Wavre: urban garden
Weekend, Le vif: Our place making in Namur, is a must see!
Place Making, Reclaim public space for public use
Grâce aux Belges, le Placemaking s'approche de nous !
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