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Mark Bremner, Aberdeen City Council

'The Perception Maps' of The Aberdeen Green are simply Word Clouds made up from survey and feedback information. They are useful to generate a quick snapshot of a communities perception of the area, and quickly highlights negative and positive traits. This is of particular use when you are looking towards utilising storytelling/ branding as part of our placemaking process.

As timelapses, we don't really see the maps as stand alone tools, they are more summaries but they were useful in developing further conversation towards possible solutions, for example ' What do you feel prevents you using the Green', 'Dark' and 'unsafe' come across stronger than say 'no shops' so it supported the argument that a light commission could make a positive impact on the space (but as stated we relied on more evidence than just the perception maps).



It is our intention to create more perception maps as the project progresses to chart the change of peoples views and perceptions of the area, these can be used as simple illustrations or animations to demonstrate the effectiveness of the project on the public perception.

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Word cloud: www.wordle.net

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